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By: yourtown 14 Sep 2015 BoysTown, Parentline, Family & Community Services, Young People Services

A program for young parents in South Australia has been recognised for its focus on early intervention and the safety and wellbeing of children and young people.


The Penrose Young Parents Program supports young parents and women aged 14-25 in their third trimester of pregnancy, and their infant and toddler children.

Based in Port Pirie, South Australia, it teaches a wide range of vital skills, from how to bathe newborns, to building confidence in all aspects of their care.

The program received the National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN) ‘Play Your Part’ state award at a ceremony in Enfield, Adelaide on Thursday, 10 September from Education and Child Development Minister, Susan Close.

Counselling Services General Manager Wendy Protheroe said Penrose is based on the belief early intervention and prevention of problems can help engage young people as parents, alongside their young children.

“Penrose operates in a home-like environment, specifically created to be non-threatening or clinical,” Ms Protheroe said.

“Young families interact in activities that accommodate all aspects of being a parent and responding to young children safely. We offer informal family activities, case work support, group work and workshops, alongside dedicated child development programs.”

Some parents lack family support, may have had their schooling disrupted and generally may not be well informed on what it takes to be a parent. Wendy Protheroe, General Manager - Counselling Services

yourtown started the program in recognition of the isolation and stigma many young parents experience.

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