Gaining Confidence and Freedom

By: yourtown 29 Apr Case Studies

"To all the awesome workers! Unfortunately we may not see yous again. I appreciate everything yous have done and want to thank all of the workers for helping my family to get out of the situation we were in. Thanks for looking after our family and keeping us amused with heaps of activities and workshops.

During this experience our whole family has learnt so much and become so much more stronger, especially our mum. She has become a lot more stronger, socially, mentally and physically. She is also a lot more trusting to others and the best part about it is she is a lot more fun.

Every worker in this refuge, no matter how big or small, has helped our family in a big way to help us get through this ordeal. We now have the confidence and the freedom to move forward to a brighter future ahead of us.


12-year-old boy at yourtown Domestic and Family Violence Refuge



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