Making the impossible possible

By: yourtown 16 Jun 2015 Blog, BoysTown

Most people take for granted that they will work and contribute to their family and society, but sadly many young people never experience this and don’t even believe it is possible.


Young people like Mark,* who left school in Year 10 and had been struggling to find work when he joined our graffiti removal enterprise in Sydney.

yourtown taught me so many things like fencing, painting, using chemicals and life skills training. I got my first aid certificate and forklift licence. I got my driver’s licence back.”

“I wouldn’t have thought that I would ever do public speaking. It scared me. But BoysTown convinced me that I would be good at it so I tried it. I gave a speech at the church community hall in front of a group of people and I talked about the program, what I was like before and how BoysTown helped me and it was great. People really liked it so now I feel more confident speaking in public. I felt really good after it."

They helped me realise that I could do something with my future. I am always happy to talk about BoysTown and how they helped me. Mark.

Mark is now employed as a trainee youth worker and the future is looking bright.

BoysTown empowers disadvantaged young people like Mark by helping them identify their own strengths, build confidence in their capacity to learn new skills, earn an income and follow their dreams.

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*Name changed for privacy.



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