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Families across Brisbane are being helped by this program...


The yourtown Starfish program provides intensive support to vulnerable children and young people. We provide this program because one in five Australians will have a mental illness issue. We're taking steps to improve their future.

Our teams in Springwood, Kingston, Browns Plains and the Moreton Bay region are working with children, young people and families. Identifying risk factors or issues which may impact on mental well-being. As part of the community we're providing practical assistance, home-based support and referrals to other services.

The program is funded by the Australian Government as part of our wider commitment to being in the community. That means we're out there, offering mental health education, information workshops and community development activities. Proudly doing so.

Our Young Parent’s facility in the Deception Bay community helps children explore and process their experiences through art, movement, music and play. This Expressive Therapy Program helps families come to terms with traumatic experiences in a safe and supportive environment. With participants becoming less anxious, sleeping better and exhibiting less aggressive behaviour.

yourtown is able to offer our Expressive Therapy programs thanks to the support of the Margaret Pemberton Foundation.

We provide an environment where children and families feel safe, confident and surrounded by caring professionals. Wendy Protheroe, Counselling Services General Manager

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