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Young Parents Program

Parents and carers play a crucial role in the lives of children and young people. They may need support in their role as they struggle with community connections, family relationships and parenting.

What is it?

Practical parenting support to help with child development, life skills, and health and wellbeing activities in safe, supportive environments.

Who is it for?

Young parents, soon to be parents and young children in the regions of Moreton Bay, QLD or Port Pirie, SA.

Develop New Skills

Being a young parent brings unique challenges. yourtown helps young parents learn good parenting skills and form supportive relationships.

Programs are offered in welcoming settings for infants and their parents/carers. Specialists develop programs and activities to respond to the needs of each child and parent/carer to encourage interaction within families and within groups.

All programs focus on encouraging, valuing, respecting and celebrating young parents and their families.

All programs focus on encouraging, valuing, respecting and celebrating young parents and their families.

These programs offer parents and children opportunities to develop new skills.

New skills developed through:

  • Peer and social support with other young families
  • Sharing ideas and experiences
  • Organised activities for parents and their children.

Workshops on life skills and parenting, including:

  • Child development
  • Self-care
  • Play
  • Healthy relationships
  • Communication
  • Cooking
  • Craft
  • Personal support
  • Continuing education for early school leavers
  • Linking into community activities
  • Accessing a range of health and other professional and community services.


Two Locations, One Goal

Glugor Young Parents Program

This purpose-built facility incorporates training rooms and children's rooms within a natural setting to support young parents, carers, infants and young children (0-5 years) who live in the Moreton Bay Region. Priority is given to young families in Deception Bay.

Penrose Young Parents Program

This service supports young parents of infants and young children (0-5 years), or parents-to-be, who live in Port Pirie, South Australia. The group offers support and education, whilst providing the chance to develop new friendships.

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