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Your donation can help young families find a home this winter

How San Miguel Family Centre helps young families who are homeless

Young people often lack the skills and resources to escape homelessness. It’s especially hard if they have the extra responsibility of children.

Early intervention is vital in reducing the long-term impact of homelessness.

The most immediate concern is to give young families a safe and supportive place to stay. This gives parents more time to care for their children, find a home and plan for a more secure future.

San Miguel Family Centre is a specialised accommodation service provided by yourtown for young families who are homeless.

It’s located in a peaceful, rural setting. Every evening, San Miguel accommodates up to 15 young parents aged 25 or younger and their children.

The centre provides a place of physical and emotional safety, while working with families to help them achieve housing stability and set a positive, new direction.

San Miguel Family Centre provides young families with a stable home, social interaction with other families, healthy nutrition and meal planning, educational support, help when they need it, and reliable adults in their lives.

Your donation can help yourtown’s San Miguel Family Centre provide temporary relief from homelessness for young parents and their families, along with services to help them find a permanent home and plan for a brighter future.