Winter Appeal

Your donation will create brighter futures for young people

Sarah is a young mum with two daughters under the age of five.

They were made homeless after an argument with her mum – having to sleep on the couches of family and friends.

The young mum says, "When I was couch surfing, living on lounges and not really knowing where I was going to stay the next night, you didn't know what was [going to happen] tomorrow… I'd lie on the couch with one child at my feet and my other child in my arms.”

Sarah was worried about the effect that the constant moving was having on her two very young daughters and the increasing risk of being forced to live on the street. Fortunately she heard about San Miguel Family Centre through a friend who had stayed there.

Sarah says, "As soon as I rang them they were giving me support…  I had a week until I moved in and it [the support] hasn't stopped.”

San Miguel Family Centre has provided young parents like Sarah with a stable home, social interaction with other families, healthy nutrition and meal planning, educational support, help when they need it, and reliable adults in their lives. Sarah now has the time and resources to take care of her children, study at TAFE and look for a home. She says” I have somewhere to come home to now."

Your donation can help yourtown’s San Miguel Family Centre provide temporary relief from homelessness for young parents and their families, along with services to help them find a permanent home and plan for a brighter future.

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