San Miguel helped Sarah get back on her feet

By: yourtown 12 Sep 2018 Parentline, Family & Community Services, Young People Services, yourtown Organisation News

Sarah was just 20 when she found herself homeless with two young daughters.

She had previously been living with her mother; however, an argument between the two meant she could no longer live there.

“I never thought that would happen,” she said. “I always thought I could run back to mum’s house if things got bad.”

With nowhere to go, Sarah and her two daughters had to turn to couch surfing.

While she’s grateful for her friends and family’s help, she never knew what would happen the next day.

“I’d lie on the couch with one child at my feet and my other child in my arms.”

She heard about San Miguel through a friend who had stayed there and called them immediately.

One week later, Sarah and her daughters had a new home.

Here, they received daily support, including family counselling and assistance to find permanent accommodation and employment.

Though Sarah was worried about her three-year-old going to preschool the next year, she was determined to provide a better life for herself and her kids.

With the help of San Miguel, she found a permanent rental and started studying at TAFE.

The future has never looked brighter.

“I have somewhere to come home to now.”

Your ticket in our Prize Draws help keep services like San Miguel running, so we can continue to support families like Sarah’s.

For just $15 you could change your life and change the lives of others too.


San Miguel supports young families experiencing homelessness to make a successful transition to independent living.

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Robyn Horne -

Has hard as it is to hear these stories, it is nice to know that there is also hope. With the help of Yourtown , such hands on help is making such a positive impact in peoples lives. it's a good feeling to know that every time I do have a little extra cash to buy a ticket in the prize homes, and although it would be nice to win one it is not my main reason for buying one . Knowing that my small contribution can make such a big difference makes me feel better as well.

Well done Yourtown on the wonderful and important work that you do.

Susan Boucher -

I'm so happy I can assist. I'm struggling and not very well either and I have been in this situation a few times. I'm sorry I can't offer more but pleased what I have Ben able to contribute can help someone out there. I was with Mission Australia Partners and Recovery and they saved me when I was going through hell.

Jodie Bruce -

Such a lovely story! So nice to see the funds reaching those who appreciate it most.

Manitha -

Thanks for supporting those who make a difference in others peoples lives

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