This yourtown Prize Home is changing young lives!

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“Buy a ticket in a yourtown Prize Home, because you're helping a young person's future grow and helping them learn new skills.” - Tamika

This stunning Tallebudgera Valley Prize Home on the Gold Coast has been transformed into a dream getaway with help from the young people in our Social Enterprises program.

Working alongside our Enterprise Trainers, young trainees were given the chance to learn some valuable skills while carrying out landscaping around the property.

Overcoming employment barriers

With youth unemployment rates at 11.96% in Australia, young people are facing massive challenges. Getting on-the-job experience and feeling confident are two of the most difficult to overcome.

For young people like Tamika, however, being a part of Social Enterprises has allowed her to find both at the same time.

"I've gained more confidence from it. I feel like I've come more out of my shell, around people. I used to be like very introverted when it comes to new people and learning new things.

But through this you kind of have to be open-minded, kind of have to be really strong both mentally and physically."

- Tamika

Tamika has aspirations to become a fully certified carpenter. The experience at the Tallebudgera Valley Prize Home has opened up opportunities for future apprenticeships and long-term employment.

Tamika enjoyed the experience because “it's more focused on like what we want individually. So I'm able to explore my career pathway more in-depth so I know what I'm doing.”

Social Enterprises allows young people to get the work experience they need to turn their lives around. 

Over the last 20 years, yourtown has been a pioneer of work-based social enterprises in Australia, having provided more than 3,000 young people with paid work experience and training.

Through our Social Enterprises program, we aim to tackle long-term youth unemployment and build brighter futures.

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Finding direction

For high school leavers like Brock, finding a sense of direction and purpose without school is critical.

“When I first started [with yourtown], I just left school... But I've noticed over the past 12 months, I've been a lot more confident in myself and the skills that I've learned in the trade industry. And I'm confident that it'll help me in the future a lot,” Brock said.

Through his training, Brock has gained experience in a wide variety of trade disciplines. He is confident that, going forward, he will be ready for any challenge that comes his way.

“I've learned so many different skills. We've done plumbing, concreting, landscaping, just Jack-of-all-trades, really. A lot of skills that will help me in the future, I know for sure. Not skills for just the particular industries, but skills that can help you in any industry, any workforce really, that you could go into.”

- Brock

A sense of pride

Pete, a Social Enterprises trainer, supported Brock and Tamika as they developed their confidence and work-ready skills.

“I believe the future holds many things for these young people. They find out what they can and can't do and they're capable, and not only capable, but confident of going and getting a full-time job and just bettering their lives,” said Pete.

For Pete, the support from the community through our Prize Home Draws means he is able to help more young people and “… [give them] an opportunity to work on larger scale projects and not only benefit them in their lives, but also improve their skills and gain employment.”

Young people in the program, like Brock, also see the value in these Prize Home Draws and encourage the community to get involved.

“Get a ticket, because it gives young people like me an opportunity to come work at a project of this size, this quality, and it's a good learning experience.”

Every ticket you buy in our Prize Home Draws not only gives you the chance to win, it helps change the lives of young people. It truly is a win-win.

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