Giving children back their voice

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Delivered at our Young Parent's facility at Deception Bay and BoysTown's Family Violence Refuge the majority of children, who are demonstrating disrupted behaviour or emotions when they enter the program are showing significant improvement in their overall social and emotional well-being upon completing the program.

BoysTown Senior Researcher Kim Litchfield has been evaluating the program and recently attended the Infant and Early Childhood Social and Emotional Wellbeing Conference in Canberra with therapists Lauren Johnson, Kate Finnila and Jasmin Roberts to share its success.

"Many don't realise it is through play, expression and imagination that we make sense of the world and, in fact, heal." Music Therapist Jasmin Roberts

Children feel safer, are enabled to express themselves, have an improved ability to make sense of the world and often develop a stronger bond with their parents who are more aware of their child’s needs.

BoysTown provides an environment where children and families feel safe, confident and surrounded by caring professionals. This environment and our therapists innovative approach allows children to play with as few limits as possible and ultimately to heal.

Learn more by checking out the posters presented at the conference below.

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