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Expressive Therapy

Engaging young children in creative and play-based activities helps them process distressing and confusing experiences.

What is it?

An early intervention response to young children exposed to traumatic life experiences.

Who is it for?

Children aged 0-5 years.

Supporting children’s expression through play

Working with children individually and in sibling groups who have experienced trauma, are disconnected and marginalised, expressive therapy aims to improve the social and emotional wellbeing of young children.

Creative mediums are employed to help children express their thoughts and feelings, especially when they don’t understand the words needed to convey them. Painting, music, craft, clay and sand provide forums for expression. Other effective techniques include dramatic play such as dressing up, playing pretend and utilising puppets. 


Painting, music, craft, clay and sand provide forums for expression.

Expressive Therapy gets results

This program has been evaluated and is recognised as demonstrating innovative work with young children. It yields information to parents and carers about the impacts of trauma and violence on their children and offers them support to understand the needs of their children. (View the full evaluation report here.)

yourtown’s Expressive Therapy is offered in two sites in Southeast Queensland, including families in Deception Bay and children within our Domestic and Family Violence Refuge setting.

“My son can verbalise how he feels and can cope better with his emotions. Tantrums have decreased. We understand each other better and communicate better.”

Mother of 2 year old boy

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