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Reese's Story

12 year old Reese* first contacted Kids Helpline via WebChat. Reese was crying and very distressed. He had sheltered in his bedroom because his dad had locked himself and his mother in their bedroom.  He couldn’t get to a phone so he used his laptop.

“Dad is smashing windows and furniture and yelling and is really hurting Mum.” Reese said that he was really worried Dad was going to kill her.

The Counsellor talked to Reese about how brave he was to call and let us know what was going on, so that he could get support to him and his family. Reese said he just wanted the violence to stop. “My Mum and I are so scared of Dad and every day we worry about what Dad is going to do.”

The Counsellor said that because Reese and his mother were at current risk of harm, KHL needed to get support to them. Reese stated that he wanted that to happen and asked that we call the Police. The Police mobilised support immediately. The Counsellor was able to stay in the WebChat session with Reese, providing support for him until the Police arrived.

Reese let the Counsellor know when the Police arrived. He and his mum were safe and they had taken his father away from the house. They were going to the Emergency Department at the local hospital to be assessed. The Counsellor let Reese know that if he wanted to call KHL back to let us know how he was going, he most definitely could.

Two days later, Reese contacted us by phone. He and his mum were safe and staying with his grandmother. His mum had a broken arm and broken jaw but she was doing much better. Reese said he felt relieved that he could call KHL back. He thanked the Counsellor for helping them… he really didn’t know what would have happened otherwise.

In the months that followed, Reese contacted KHL regularly to talk about the impact of the violence he and his mother had experienced. KHL was also able to talk to his mother about domestic and family violence referral and information support services that she and Reese could access.

Reese and his mum continue to live with his grandmother. He feels safe, happier and hopeful that things will get better.

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*Name and image have been changed for privacy reasons.

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