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On-the-job training gives young people a supportive environment to develop workplace skills.

What are social enterprises?

Social enterprises are a 'bridge' for young people to open employment through a period of paid work and training.

How do they work?

Qualified and experienced tradespeople help unemployed young people learn practical skills and appropriate workplace behaviours in a real work environment.

yourtown is one of the pioneers of work-based social enterprises in Australia, having provided over 2,500 young people with paid work experience and training over the last 16 years.

Each enterprise employs a blended workforce in which qualified and experienced tradespeople provide supervision and training for disadvantaged young people to help them learn practical skills and appropriate workplace behaviours in a real work environment.  These opportunities act as a bridge to open employment and the wider labour market.


yourtown Enterprises currently operate in Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia, delivering services for a wide range of private, public and community organisations.  These businesses provide valuable services for organisations, and paid work and training for disadvantaged young people.

Enterprise employees receive coaching and support from supervisors and youth workers and can undertake accredited training. yourtown subsequently helps them to secure permanent employment in local industry and provides post placement support for employer and employee to ensure retention.

yourtown focuses on projects which improve enterprise employees' skills and work readiness, while providing social, economic and environmental benefits to local communities. The majority of our experience has been in the areas of construction, property and asset maintenance.

Our Enterprises deliver services for private, public and community organisations across a broad range of areas.

Why choose yourtown?

yourtown delivers quality services to business partners whilst providing valuable outcomes to disadvantaged young people, and long-term benefits to the community.

Social procurement has become a key component in many government and commercial contracts and demonstrates an organisation's commitment to 'give back' to the local community. Supporting social enterprises contributes strongly to corporate social responsibility targets by providing entry-level jobs for local young people, Indigenous recruitment, training and employment.

There are also broader social and economic benefits for local communities. Australian and international research has demonstrated that the benefits of social procurement includes reduced unemployment among disadvantaged groups, decreased welfare dependency, the provision of a training ground for local industry, reduced crime and anti-social behaviour, and a flow-on impact on community health and wellbeing.

Our experienced team is ready to assist you with your next project.

Sarai Tuuga | Northern Area Manager - QLD | stuuga@yourtown.com.au | 07 3867 1204

Michael Starr | Southern Area Manager - NSW | mstarr@yourtown.com.au | 0401 673 293 | 02 8804 4600

Matt Coates | Enterprise Manager - SA | mcoates@yourtown.com.au | 0402 990 342 | 08 8633 3675

Brendan Bourke | Head of Client Services | bbourke@yourtown.com.au | 07 3867 1297

Alternatively, please contact our Head Office on 07 3368 3399.

“The best thing about this job is I’m learning a variety of trades, the staff give you heaps of help, and I’ve improved my people skills. yourtown has helped me be a better person."


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