Let's put an end to family violence

By: yourtown 23 Oct 2015 Kids Helpline, Parentline, Family & Community Services, yourtown Organisation News

It takes all of us standing together as a community to address family violence and its devastating effects.


We have a range of specialised support services available to help families affected by family violence...

Our youth engagement and young parents programs run preventative workshops on healthy and respectful relationships.

Our 24/7 Kids Helpline service counsels kids and young people living in violent homes or experiencing challenging family relationships.

Our homeless refuge assists families who are homeless as a result of family violence.

Our family refuge provides comprehensive emotional and practical support to women and children who have fled an abusive environment.

Our youth employment programs often work with young people who have had disrupted education or lack family support due to family violence.

Home should be a safe place for all children. Sadly this is not the case for too many Australian kids. But, together we can make a difference. Tracy Adams, BoysTown CEO

We need your support to help families find safety and a brighter future.

Your donation will help fund the early intervention and crisis work we do with individuals and families recovering from domestic and family violence.

Please donate today.

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