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Vocational Training & Employment Centre (VTEC)

Creating job options, training and community engagement opportunities.

A mentoring support program that empowers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people entering employment.

We offer individual mentoring support for Vocational Training & Employment Centre (VTEC) clients and pre-employment training. We also work to match job seekers with employers.

This service is for:
Children and Young PeopleEmployersIndigenous Specific
It helps with:

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Contact Details & Locations

VTEC is based out of our Kingston office and services Brisbane South, Gold Coast, Greater Ipswich area and Redlands City.

Personalised Services

We want to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people meet employer requirements, together with ongoing personal support, mentoring and coaching.

We work with employers to identify their labour needs and to secure placement opportunities. We then provide practical work preparations to assist job seekers in achieving results.

“Nothing is more rewarding than to see someone’s life turn around by gaining full time employment. Generational unemployment is real, closing the Gap through employment and training is a realistic obtainable target.” – Dean Brunker, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Initiatives Manager

Providing Tailored Pre-Employment Training

We offer specific assistance to participants including:

  • Personalised Job Pathways Plan
  • Specialist services to overcome obstacles to engagement in learning and work
  • Access to job vacancies negotiated directly with local employers
  • Job specific work preparation training, tailored directly to the requirements of employers who are providing job opportunities
  • Support from Indigenous Mentors
  • Literacy/numeracy skills training
  • Helping to connect with the local Indigenous community and building social networks which promote pride in cultural identity and heritage
  • Access to work experience in local industry
  • Helping acquire documents, purchasing clothing and equipment, and obtaining licences
  • Providing the employer with cultural advice and awareness training
  • Post placement support to ensure job retention


The VTEC initiative is funded by the Australian Government.

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