What we do

Indigenous Youth Engagement and Transitions Program

yourtown is committed to engaging, strengthening and building equal partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families, their extended families and communities.

What is it?

Help to young Indigenous students who are identified as at high risk of early school leaving to re-engage in learning and complete their formal education.

Who is it for?

Indigenous young people aged 15-18 in Redlands, Logan and Ipswich

Inspiring Indigenous students to stay in school

Specialists work with Indigenous young people and their families to provide culturally appropriate support to overcome barriers and re-engage in learning.

Working with Indigenous students to create a personalised plan matched to individual needs, interests and aspirations.

Our culturally appropriate support includes:

  • Uncovering reasons for disengagement, including diagnostic testing to identify barriers to learning
  • Career counselling
  • A personalised plan matched to individual needs, interests and aspirations
  • Specialist referrals to address personal, health and social issues
  • Personal and life skills to improve self-confidence and interpersonal skills
  • Building cultural education and connection into learning activities to help build pride in cultural heritage
  • Literacy/ numeracy programs and individual tutoring
  • Help transitioning to the next phase of learning, either through formal education, further training or employment.

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